Canadian Information Technology Solutions

Was originally founded in 2006 in Quebec, Canada partnering with leaders of IT vendors such as Microsoft, Veeam, HPE, Vmware, GFI, Kaspersky...etc

For over a decade, Canadian ITS has been a rising partner leader in the IT business and is one among the quickest growing corporations of our kind within the region. Our team offers IT solutions, products, and services in hardware, software system and cloud that facilitate the businesses build a whole IT infrastructure ranging from the servers, storage and cloud and ending with security, backup, replication, and archiving. Canadian ITS enclosed organizations within the private and public sectors, yet as international enterprises so as to satisfy every organization’s individual desires and solve business needs by giving solutions with regard to data technology.

Many of our purchasers have included government establishments, medium and huge private organizations, and businesses that lead in their own industries. we have a tendency to square measure ready to modify and manage everyday operations and facilitate to contour all business processes. we have a tendency to additionally secure associate degree protective information from downtime or disasters whereas making strategies to get an enhanced income for the organization.

canadian-its partner with vendors such as microsoft, veeam , kaspersky

For over a decade we have worked hard to come up with solutions, services, and products for our customers

Here are some of the current products and services we integrate into your organization