the software system is a part of a computer system that consists of data or pc directions, in contrast to the physical hardware from that the system is made At Canadian ITS, we tend to acknowledge that software is additionally a vital issue for completely shifting your organization into an additional economical and well-oiled machine. The merchandise that we tend to at Canadian ITS provide is a high notch and that we are partnered with a number of the top vendors within the world in order to produce these products on to you and your organization.  With our guidance and recommendations, can realize that these software products will facilitate build tasks inside your organization additional efficiently.



Canadian ITS provides superior hypervisors. These are installed on physical servers with the power to host virtual machines, providing them with high availability, fault tolerance, and hardware management to profit from virtualization.
These hypervisors will facilitate organizations advantages from Server Virtualization further as Desktop Virtualization.
Backup & Archiving
There is no worse than downtime than losing track of important data among your organization. It doesn’t matter however long your organization has been operating, that data is imperative to stay on file. With the increased use of technology and globalization, the quantity of data that runs through a business or organization is growing at an exponential rate. Organizations are needed either by authorities or their own business practices to possess backup copies of company information or be able to retrieve previous information. we offer backup and archiving solutions which will facilitate your business needs. it's suggested the business practice to have backup copies of data among your company so anyone will pull up necessary information once it's required to be retrieved so as to avoid technological disturbance.
We offer backup and archiving solutions which will facilitate your business need.

It's suggested the business practice to have backup copies of data among your company so anyone will pull up necessary information once it's required to be retrieved so as to avoid technological disturbance.
Management Software
Since technology is growing and device usage is increasing, we've got software that aids within the management and monitoring all of your devices in your network. It doesn't matter whether it's servers, computers, network devices or perhaps mobile or tablet with all advanced analysis required for the management of companies of any kind. There are varied choices which may help you operate your business using a higher software method that is additionally dependent on the size and the infrastructure and this software can trigger IT, managers once the associated action is needed.
Monitoring Software
Monitoring what goes on at intervals your organization has never been easier. Canadian ITS offers software that permits you to monitor productivity similarly as a spread of another data. using monitoring software, you're able to track and record any and everyone web traffic that moves in and out of your technology systems. you'll log, track and record the behavior of all computers among your organization and see what websites are visited simply to make sure that productivity of employees is efficient and on task.
We provide you with a number of the best and most integrated operation software which may ensure that users among your organization are able to utilize the business choices that you simply need to work faster and smarter with business legerity.
  • CRM Software
  • HR System Software
  • Customize Software
Canadian ITS has software system products that are designed specifically to assist IT managers achieve business goals depending on their RTO and RPO needed by management either for physical servers or virtual servers. generally, you need to have duplicate copies of data in various locations within the case of a disaster which might end in missing or lost data or system outage. With replication will replicate your data and have an identical system within the secondary website thus if the service stops at the most site users can still operate.    
It is no secret that there are wide types of dangerous threats and viruses which may be passed on-line or through emails. it's necessary to acknowledge that these threats are increasing exponentially. to stay your business running with efficiency and to keep your data protected, you need software system which will keep off viruses, Trojans, and spams. while several company users don't have the knowledge on a way to protect their pc, we offer anti-virus solutions which may be managed from one centralized server and enforce policies to all or any devices including computers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets that are managed by the IT department. we are going to help keep your technology systems and data safe from these potentially devastating threats.
Security Software
Keep technology in your system safe in all ways that possible. Canadian ITS has partnered up with vendors to be able to provide a product that reassures the security of your system. you are able to keep the internet within your organization completely monitored as well as have access. you'll even be ready to manage bandwidth and management any web activity.  
  • Internet Security
  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Hardware Security
  • Email Security
Email is that the imperative for all business communications. it's a significant solution that your company features a specific email program that entirely for your business. this is often mostly essential so emails will keep the company and not be exported and transferred through other email services. All emails can keep at intervals the organization’s system. Canadian ITS has offered to your business permits your organization or business to manage their email systems by archiving recent emails, protective emails and providing tools so as to extend business performances.
  • Fax to Email
  • Email Signature
  • Out-of-Office Manager
  • Email Migration Software

Canadian ITS offers a large type of hardware products like servers, storage, and networking. serving to any organization to higher organize and expeditiously manage its internal operations. Our goal is to supply you a straightforward diversity of hardware so these will be totally integrated into your organization or business. Not solely do the skilled team members at Canadian ITS facilitate offer help through a consultation so as to work out your desires, however, we have a tendency to additionally come back up with tailored choices that we will advocate for you to utilize. we have a tendency to then are available in and set everything up and look out of any coaching or support that will be needed.

Canadian ITS offers servers that have a various choice hardware server choices together with the blade, tower and rack servers and this area unit reliable and have high-rated performance. offer servers that work out power and management still as offer quality servers which may provide solutions for your company’s wants.
  • Rack
  • Tower
  • Blade
Canadian ITS offers a wide variety of storage choices which permit for an improved easy consolidating knowledge and providing you with the power to manage archive files for an extended timeframe. These embrace entry storage, midrange, and enterprise sized storage solutions, accessibility, protection and retention, and that we conjointly provide software-defined storage, all-flash and hybrid varieties. Canadian ITS  offers hardware that helps protects and with efficiency provides storage for any organization’s knowledge.
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Backup Appliances
  • Tape Storage
Converged Systems
Canadian ITS offers converged system which can help the organization move toward cloud or virtualization as it is where technology is heading these systems combine networking, software, computer, and storage. This makes operations for you that much easier. In addition, you are able to optimize what you are able to achieve within your organization. This hardware solution provides you the ability to fully integrate all of your operations all in one central location all while increasing the agility of your business.
Canadian ITS provide you with networking hardware product. These embody business wired and wireless network, load balances, IP telephony, network security product and networking choices to attach your local area network or contact company branches around the globe. This is, additionally, to additionally providing security management your device's connectivity to the internet and to protect your network from hackers’ offensive your network. It also provides mobility for users inside the organization to work remotely or on location inside the workplace.
  • Wireless
  • Wired
  • Security
  • IP Telephony
We offer two types of workstations as well as desktop workstations and mobile workstations. These workstations square measure computers with high performance that are employed by members of your organization WHO can be designers or programmers. Also, money establishments and different organizations utilize workstations, therefore, members of your company have the capability to finish all necessary computing tasks that provide a high computation and high-resolution graphics card.
  • Mobile Workstations
  • Workstations
Power and Racks
These are an essential piece of hardware that doesn't seem to be fully thought of as a company. However, within today’s technology, data centers need integration choices that afford high power and cooling options. Hardware racks embody location discovery choices with integrated lights-out additionally high-tech power options to optimize power provide to any and all IT devices. you'll be able to have management over data center solutions and power management.
  • UPS
  • Cooling Systems
  • Racks
  • KVM
Personal Computing
We offer top-of-the-line personal computing choices which will help maximize what your tasks you'll ought to use it for. there's no need to pay a fortune on a computer that goes above and on the far side your needs however you also need to create certain that it suffices enough to try and do what you need.
  • Business Desktops
  • Business Laptops Monitors
Canadian ITS is additionally partnered up to supply printing choices. Get top-quality color prints with less pixel in your written things or select simply black and white choices with minimal options. you need the sort of printing device that's essential for your uses and with any add-ons like scanning and copying that you simply would possibly wish to utilize in order that no job is just too massive to print.