What use is it to have software or hardware if you are not really sure what to do with it or how to use it

Canadian ITS does not leave clients hanging after determining what appropriate products or solutions should be utilized within each organization

Professional Services

Product installation is available for all products that Canadian ITS sells in order to help organizations running up properly. We also provide installation for active directory, exchange servers, and SQL, as well as implementing high availability for solutions.

Online Services

We additionally offer online services required for the internet like SSL certificates, domain registration web and website hosting, among other customers online needs. Our purchasers will access this service through our website at



Data Migration

Whenever you need to migrate data from a current storage spot to a new one or convert a server from physical to virtual or migrate data different physical locations, or upgrading your active directory, exchange server, and SQL, we’ve got the expertise to meet all of our customers’ needs to build these data transfers.

Support Agreements

Hardware support agreement and software system support agreement is on the market for all hardware and software system that is sold-out by Canadian ITS as well as anything similar to an extended guarantee. Support is additionally offered for service level agreement for all client service product like storage, email, or servers.

Infrastructure Cabling

Canadian ITS offers information and telephone cabling active and passive. regardless of your set up, Canadian ITS will completely start your facility for all communication desires with the needed cables and appropriate jacks. Everything is going to be started fitly for functionality and additionally, we will do the best effect that we will ensure that it’s also aesthetically pleasing whether or not you wish the cables hidden within the walls or within the ceilings.